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In a Nutshell

Advanced Home Warranty provide service nationwide and has a dedicated customer service professional to deal personally with each claim. Best for those looking to enhance the sale value of their home by including a home warranty with the purchase.


  • Limits of liability clearly displayed
  • 24/7, dedicated toll-free customer service


  • Site not comprehensive
  • Not liable for contractor work

Advanced Home Warranty Advanced Home Warranty Visit Site

Advanced Home Warranty Highlights

  • A 24/7 claims hotline.
  • The limits of liability are clearly published on their website.
  • 13 months coverage for the price of 12.


Advanced Home Warranty clearly spells out its limits of liability on its website which is a good starting point. Additional policy details are only available once you have requested a quote - but they are clearly set out.

It is a relatively new company and as a consequence there is very little independent information available.

Advanced Home Warranty’s Coverage

Advanced Home Warranty provides two plans; ‘Basic’ and ‘Total’. Unlike many companies which provide one plan for appliances and another plan for systems, Advanced Home Warranty plans cover a mixture of appliances and systems. ‘Basic’ covers the majority of the appliances and systems in your home from the heating and the microwave (built-in) to the electrical system and the garage door opener. ’Total’ includes all of the elements in ‘Basic’ but also includes air conditioning, your washer, dryer and refrigerator.

You can also add optional extras such as central vacuum or septic tank.



* Free first month

Packages and Plans

Heating System
Electrical system
Plumbing system
Garage door opener
Air conditioning


Clothes washer

Clothes dryer


Advanced Home Warranty offers two plans:

  • Basic Plan: covers a wide range of appliances and systems in your home, from the heating, electrical and plumbing systems to the dishwasher, built-in microwave and garage door opener.
  • $33.33/month or $370/year plus a free month
  • Total Plan: complete protection for your air conditioning system, refrigerator, clothes washer and clothes dryer.
  • $40/month or $450/year plus a free month

Terms and Conditions

Advanced Home Warranty terms & conditions are aligned with the industry averages. Coverage starts 30 days after your payment is received and if you cancel your warranty refunds are made dependent on how long you have held your warranty.

As with most companies you are required to keep records to show your appliances & systems have been maintained and may be asked for these in the event of a claim.

Full limits of liability are published on their website and are no different from the limits of liability of most other companies.

Your home will not be covered if you run a business, such as a home daycare from it.

Customer Service

You can contact Advanced Home Warranty at any time on its 24/7 toll free customer service line. In the event of a claim you will be allocated a dedicated customer service representative who will assist you throughout the process.

Contractors will be contacted within 2 days (4 days on weekends and holidays) unless the company considers it an emergency. In those cases contractors will be contacted as soon as possible.

Number of Contractors

Approved contractors will be contacted by Advanced Home Warranty and the contractor will then contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time (during business hours) to visit. If a suitable contractor cannot be found you may arrange your own contractor and Advanced Home Warranty will reimburse you.

Service calls are $60 per service item and you are required to pay this to the contractor, at the time of the call. This fee will be payable if you cancel at the last moment when the contractor is on their way to your home.

Advanced Home Warranty is not liable for any of the work performed by the contractors.

Advanced Home Warranty Advanced Home Warranty Visit Site

To Sum It Up

As a new company, Advanced Home Warranty has few customer reviews around the web. For this reason the quality of customer service and contractor repairs is difficult to assess but the terms and conditions and limits of liability detailed show it to be very similar to other Home Warranty companies offering the same service.

About Advanced Home Warranty

Advanced Home Warranty is a relative newcomer to the Home Warranty market place and is using its 24/7 customer service & dedicated staff to set it apart from other service providers.

Industry: Home Warranty

Founded: 2014


Founder: N/A

Geos: Nationwide

Last Updated: February 2016

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